About us

Versus Fighting Club is about improving ourselves and our fighting skills by learning, sharing and creating ideas. Weather it is fight tips that can be used on the street or in a competitive fight, good and precise striking combinations that can inflict damage, new movement drills that allow you to move your body in a different way which will surprise your opponent and make him unable to react, or the correct mindset that you need to have in a fight or to be successful in life.

Similarly to the way we train martial arts, we can always learn something new or perfect a skill that we may already have. By connecting with people who have similar interests to ours, we can share and grow our knowledge and learn from each other which ultimately is going to help us improve ourselves as individuals, martial artists and people.

We don't want to limit Versus Fighting Club to just fighting and MMA, because we can learn a lot about business, financial success and other areas of life from people who may not be as experienced in MMA. This way everyone can contribute and share their knowledge in the area in which they are specialised. 

So, have a look around our website, jump on our blog and let us hear your ideas!